Old Moor – 01 Mar 2016

My 70th visit to Old Moor today. It’s hard to believe I’ve been that often. My first visit was on the 5th May, 2012. I had my Nikon D90 and 55-300mm lens combination with me on that occasion and came back very pleased with a couple of photos of a Great Crested Grebe, partially obscured by reeds, on a pond round on the Reedbed Trail. Looking back at the pictures now they wouldn’t make the cut and would be routinely deleted on editing my day’s shots, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere!


A Great Crested Grebe pic from my first ever visit to Old Moor in May 2012.

Today was a bit overcast, but at last the temperature was in double figures and I didn’t need my big coat!

I first went to the Tree Sparrow farm, where I saw a half-decent Yellowhammer amongst various other ‘usual suspects’. Sadly, there was no sign of Bramblings or Siskins here today.

My next port of call was the Family Hide. It was immediately apparent that Black Headed Gull numbers are increasing rapidly in time for their breeding season which gets underway very shortly. There were a few Common Gulls present too, but once again, no sign of the Mediteranean Gull. It must have had a better offer for today!

When I left the Family Hide I briefly visited Field Pool West Hide, as a number of sightings of a Green Sandpiper were reported there last week. However it was very quiet here today, with no birds to speak of really.

When I left the hide I discovered that a rather nasty breeze had sprung up and some grey clouds were brooding overhead, so I decided to cut my visit short and not venture up Green Lane towards the other three hides up that way.

I sat awhile in the Bird Garden hide from which I saw a Long Tailed Tit perform some rather interesting antics, holding onto a twig with only one foot whilst it fought with some kind of seed with the other. (I really must try to force myself to stop photographing Long Tailed Tits, but they are just so cute to look at!).

That was about it for today. Not one of my best days at Old Moor, but it’s always a pleasure to visit my ‘home’ reserve and see what’s going on. I wonder how long it’ll be before I’m reporting on my 100th visit there?

About Alan Gordon

I am a retired teacher and former RAF Musician. I live near Sheffield and enjoy taking photographs of wild birds throughout the UK.
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